The History of the Inky Otter

How do you combine a life-long fascination with all things otter-y and a passion for working with paper and print? Well the result is The Inky Otter. We started to work as designer-makers in 2004, when we set up 'Its A Shore Thing' bringing the seaside to craft shows and galleries across the South-West, and occasionally further afield. We took, and continue to take, much of our inspiration from the natural world - never missing an opportunity to find an otter angle if we can.

Fun though this was, a series of chance events led us to become interested in traditional printing (moveable type, ancient and beautiful Albion presses, wood engraving and paper). Well there are only so many hours in the day, and something had to go - so we have bade a fond farewell to beachcombing and embraced a new world of paste and pigment - we hope you like the results.

We don't like to let the grass grow under our paws, so we try to let our work evolve under the influences of our own imagination, the feedback we receive from our customers and friends, and our urge to avoid repetition. We hope that whenever we head out to a show we will meet old and new customers, but that we will always have something exciting to show them. It is never easy to get back into harness when the weather is miserable and the rain is lashing against the studio, but we are doing it all for you!